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Photo Caption: Extravaganza Invitation - Updated!

2020 Immanuel Lutheran School Extravaganza

The 2020 Immanuel Lutheran School Extravaganza is quickly approaching!

We have so many wonderful things to bid on at the Immanuel Luthearn School Extravaganza on October 30th -- you'll want to see everything in person! (Grills, a snowblower, a christmas tree, a recliner, home decor, jewelry, gift baskets and so much more!) Please get your tickets by Friday, 10/16 - mail in a check or stop in the church or school office. We need your support! This year's event will not be like it usually is, but can still be a lot of fun a raise much needed funds for our school!  The event will feature an open house to view auction items, a fabulous online auction and a delicious carry out meal.

Author: Immanuel Extravaganza Committee

Location: Columbus, NE

Date Published: October 06, 2020