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Immanuel Scrip Program

What Is SCRIP?

Scrip is gift cards for a wide variety of retailers. By purchasing these gift cards, you can earn credit to be applied to your tuition account, and help Immanuel Lutheran School’s Tuition Assistance Program!   All you need to do is purchase gift cards at face value for retailers where you already shop at the school or church office.  And, best of all, it doesn’t cost you an extra dime!

How does my family and the school benefit from me using Scrip?

  • Immanuel Lutheran School benefits by receiving 2%-33% profit from the merchant on every dollar you purchase.
  • The school purchases Scrip 'gift certificates/cards' from the merchant at a discount.  You then repurchase it from the school for full face value and the school receives the profit. Printable List of On-hand Scrip Certificates
  • Two percent (2%) is credited back to your family as a tuition credit.  You may use this towards your family's school tuition OR you may donate it to any specific family or the Tuition Assistance Fund.
  • In addition, any person, not directly associated with the school may buy Scrip and have it designated to a specific family's account or the Tuition Assistance Fund.
  • Scrip purchases are tracked by the Scrip Committee.

How do I purchase Scrip?

  • Scrip is sold at the school and church offices, as well as after many of our worship services
  • Scrip is available by cash/check only at the school and church office. See the RaiseRight (formerly known as Shop With Scrip) website for a full list of national retailers. Contact the Immanuel church office for any special orders.

What Stores honor Scrip & how is Scrip accepted?

  • Immanuel School & Church offices have a list of local and national stores who participate in the Scrip program.  Also available is a printable list of on-hand certificates to help you plan your SCRIP purchases.
  • Most grocery stores, restaurants and many retail outlets offer Scrip. See the RaiseRight (formerly known as Shop With Scrip) website for a list of national participating vendors. 
  • Scrip is accepted the same as cash and is usually handled similar to a gift certificate.  Some stores will give you full change and others will reissue a credit.
  • Scrip is sold in a variety of dollar amounts to suit every family's needs.

How is the school using profits earned from Scrip use?

  • After distributing family tuition credits and tuition assistance, profits are kept in the School Scrip Fund.
  • The Scrip Fund is used to make scrip inventory purchases so that a variety of scrip vendors are available for purchase at both the church and school offices.  The Board of Christian Education oversees the use of any profits.  The most recent use of profits outside of tuition assistance has been for the purchase of the Accelerated Reader program.